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Arnimont Evening Primrose Oil + Vitamin E is manufactured by Arnimont Pharma Germany and is registered under the German Food Legislation. It is made to Good Manufacture Process (GMP) standards. Arnimont Evening Primrose Oil + Vitamin E is sold in the European Union (EU) countries and has the free sales certification of the German Chamber of Commerce.

Arnimont capsules content Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) which is extracted from the seeds of Oenothera biennis plant. The plant was officially introduced in 1614 into Europe from North America. Approximately 5000 seeds provide one capsule of Arnimont EPO 500mg and Arnimont EPO is manufactured using the method of cold pressing which helps to keep the quality of the essential nutrients. Arnimont - Pharma is one of the few manufacturers in Europe who supply Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil.

ARNIMONT EPO + E Provides Vital nutrition for

  • Younger looking skin
  • Prevention of dry, itchy, rough skin
  • Prevention of scaling of skin
  • Combating Wrinkles
  • Controlling Acne
  • Maintaining moisture balance & helps get better results from external creams

Arnimont EPO + E will also help to get maximum benefit from external applications of skin care. Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant and vitamin E in Arnimont EPO + E is natural and is thereby 3 times more effective than synthetic vitamin E.

Who will need Arnimont EPO + E

There are a number of dietary and lifestyle factors for such deficiencies, which includes high stress levels, aging and illnesses (Viral infections, Eczema, Diabetes, Cholesterol and Hormonal fluctuations) and consumption of excessive amounts of trans fatty acids, saturated fats and food additives. Symptoms include overall dryness of skin including itchy rough skin with scaling & wrinkles on face. Your body needs Arnimont EPO + E , much like it needs the proper combination of vitamins and minerals for the smooth running of metabolic functions. In the absence of desirable levels of Arnimont EPO + E , the skin is unable to hold a correct moisture balance. Arnimont EPO + E also helps the body build immunity against internal and external allergens that affect the skin’s condition. 

How to use

One capsule at a time to be taken with food twice a day.