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Can Can dog shampoo is manufactured for Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals, Japan by FollowMe industries Malaysia and is registered at the Department of Animal Production and Health in Sri Lanka.

Can Can is the only 4 in 1 formula in Sri Lanka to have d-phenothrin and keep your dog free from harmful parasites such as Ticks, Fleas and Lice. Only a small quantity of shampoo is required. (1ml/1kg weight of dog) Therefore it is cost effective. High foaming capability enhances penetration of shampoo to all areas.Can Can is safe and effective and its unique perfume base keeps your pet smelling good and feeling fresh.Can Can stops itching & scratching and thereby prevents wounds and it also promotes healthy growth of fur.

Can Can is a safe & effective medicated dog shampoo and its for dogs above 12 weeks having Ticks, Fleas and Lice.


Use 1ml of Can Can dog shampoo per 1kg weight of the dog. Wet coat,

apply/spray shampoo, leave for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly and dry.

Ailments and parasites:

TICKS - are blood-sucking parasites. They are totally dependant of

the blood/tissue fluids of the dog. The longer an infective tick feeds,

the greater the chance of infection. 

FLEAS - it causes the dog intense irritation and act as a intermediate

host for tapeworms. 

LICE - spend their entire life-cycle on the dog's body. They multiply
very quickly and cause infection, discomfort and possible anaemia.