FollowMe Kids Toothpaste is manufactured for Earth Chemical Company Limited Tokyo Japan by American Lion Company in Malaysia. FollowMe Kids Toothpaste is made specially for kids below 12 years using a special formula to protect their teeth.

FollowMe Kids Toothpaste is sugar free & contains Vitamin E for strengthining gurms, Calcium for stronger teeth & Silica for cleaner and whiter teeth. FollowMe Kids Toothpaste has a yummy strawbery fruit taste that will encourage kids to love brushing their teeth. The flouride Contents is within the safe recommended level by the American Dental Association & Sri Lanka standard (SLS).

How do teeth decay?

  • By not brushing teeth twice daily & not using a toothpaste which is made

         especially for kids.

If teeth continue to decay then a number of things could happen

  • Your child could get a toothache, the nerve could die, swelling of your

         child's face, discolouration of teeth and harm the plesent smile of your


How to protect teeth

"Eating healthy food, brushing your teeth with a toothpaste recommended specially for children and visiting your dentist at least once an year"

Dear Mothers,

The key to getting your child to brush his/her teeth is by making it enjoyable. They tend to want to do things that their parents do. If your children see you brushing your teeth and displaying good dental habits, they will follow. This will establish good oral habits that last a lifetime.

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