KUDI 4-in-1 Glove for Dogs Bath, Brush, Massage or Pick up loose hair

KUDI 4-in-1 Glove keep pets happy, healthy, clean, and smelling great while providing for day-to-day grooming needs, bathing your pet has never been so easy with the KUDI Glove, easy scrubbing dirt from fur. The rubber bristles will also help massage your pet & the microfiber will help pick up loose fur.

KUDI 4-in-1 Glove

KUDI Toothbrush is perfect for dental cleaning & the fast and easy way to keep your pet’s teeth bright and white. The triple brushing action massages gums and scrub and scrapes plaque and tartar away. The KUDI Toothbrush help to kill plaque forming bacteria that leads to periodontal disease and prevent build-up of tartar that may cause irritation of sensitive gums & bad breath. Regular use of KUDI Toothbrush prevent loosening or even loss of teeth. 

KUDI Toothbrush

KUDI SOFT HANDLE SLICKER BRUSH effortlessly removes debris, mats and dead fur from your pet’s coat & helps you gather all dead fur on brush and prevent fur from falling all over. KUDI SOFT HANDLE SLICKER BRUSH gives your pet maximum comfort, and help you to brush your dog better and make your pet enjoy a daily grooming session while looking good and staying healthy.


KUDI Soft Handle Slicker Brush