To be good dental health. And The Toothbrush is designed to reach all surfaces of your pet's teeth and the soft bristles will not irritate your pet's sensitive gums. In addition, this kit includes finger toothbrush, which gives your pet some time for getting used to a toothbrush


* This is specifically formulated to be safe, effective. So it can be swallowed.

1. Before using this product, take some massage with Finger Toothbrush for adaptation for a few days first.

2. After that, apply 1~2 cm on toothbrush and softly brush your

Pet’s teeth.


1. CAMELLIA SINENSIS LEAF EXTRACT: Nourishing and moisturizing skin and coat, Anti-bacteria, improving immunity, relieving

2. ROSEMARY LEAF EXTRACT: Nourishing and moisturizing skin and coat, Anti-oxidant effect and moisturizing.


Made in South Korea and certified by ECOCERT France. ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO 22716.




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